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The project “Snow in the City” is initiated by Tiffindell Ski in South Africa. A 15-30m long ski slope is constructed and covered with artificial snow made of either liquid nitrogen or ice crystals. Ski demonstrations are held all day and snowball fights, dog sledding and building of snowmen are offered.

Overall Focus

  • Experience of real snow for children (and adults) plus giving them a fulfilled day

Target Group

  • Children and youngsters from the ages of 6 to 18
  • Families
  • General public


  • Tiffindell Ski Resort
  • Johannesburg Development Agency
  • Department of Sport and Recreation
  • City of Johannesburg
  • Several other sponsors


Annual, usually one weekend during May or June

Contact Information

David Taylor - Tiffindell Ski – CEO
+27 827770543
Johannesburg Development Agency
+27 83 915 8000


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