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A project in the Piedmont region that is operative in many Piedmontese ski resorts. Many Piedmontese schools include the program in their learning offer. In 2005 there was a first expansion of the project by collaborating with France to give French students the opportunity of a one day experience of the project in Val Susa.

Overall Focus

  • Education of the youngsters to make them live the Olympic values of sport
  • Acquaintance winter sports and the mountains
  • Diffusion of sport culture and of the Olympic spirit
  • Re-launch of tourism in the small and medium ski resorts of the mountains

Target Group

  • Pupils
  • Schools


  • CUS Torino (administration and operation)
  • Regione Piemonte
  • Torino 2006 (Olympia)
  • Torino 2007 Winter Universiade
  • PES (Progeto Educativo Ski)
  • Administrations of the municipalities
  • The mountain communities
  • All ski resort managers and operators
  • Some private boards
  • Patroness and supporter is Laura Zegna
  • The Piedmont region
  • TOROC (organising committee of the winter Olympics in Torino)


First activities in 2001; Since season 2002/03 as "Ski Educational Project"

Contact Information

Assessorato allo Sports e Tourismo Regione Piemonte
Dott.ssa Giuliana Manica
Via Avogadro, 30
10121 Torino


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